APTN Renews Caution May Contain Nuts After Five Year Hiatus

Production has just wrapped on a fourth season of the award-winning sketch comedy series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts and the production team couldn’t be more thrilled. While a fourth season of any comedy in Canada is unfortunately something of a rarity, a fourth season, five years after the production of season three, is extraordinary. APTN will be picking the series back up due to popular demand and bringing more of the pop culture spoofs and biting social commentary back to their lineup.

When news of the renewal broke, the excitement amongst the CAUTION team was high.

“When the cast found out, they were thrilled.” Camille Beaudoin, Executive Producer stated. “It’s been five years, and many of them have started new careers, had kids, and even moved cities, so I wasn’t counting on getting our whole original cast back.  But they all bent over backward to make themselves available for the shoot because they love the show.”

Fortunately, the entire original Season 3 cast were able to rejoin the show (except for Ryan Parker, who was engaged on another project, but made sure to make a guest appearance). The 13 episode season stars Howie Miller, Sheldon Elter, Matt Alden, Aimée Beaudoin, Mark Meer, Jeff Halaby, James Higuchi and Dana Andersen. Newcomers Joleen Ballendine and Jesse Lipscombe join the cast this season, along with a host of talented day players, all from the world class Edmonton theatre and improv scene.

Joining the cast in select episodes are two of the loftiest in Canadian comedy royalty: Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall) and Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway?). Look for McDonald as a shopping mall security guard tangling with 17th century pirates who have been magically transplanted into West Edmonton Mall; Mochrie will be playing a series of characters in a special episode including a court jester, a space fleet Admiral, and a passenger in Delmer’s ride share.

Production has taken place entirely in the Edmonton area, in such unique locations as West Edmonton Mall, Fort Edmonton Park, and the Devonian Botanical Gardens. In a single episode, the CAUTION fan will be able to travel back in time to the wild west, explore the outer reaches of space aboard the U.S.B Warp Drive, fight crime with the superhero Canadian Contenders, then go for dinner with a family of clowns. And of course, fan favorites Delmer and Marta are also returning to their CAUTION: May Contain Nuts roots, a little wiser and a little savvier, and maybe even a little funnier.

Season 4 is scheduled to air in the fall of 2017 on APTN but as an exclusive preview, a series of some of the best Season 4 sketches will be released online in the spring.