Aimée Beaudoin is a country-bumpkin turned actress-comedian from Tomahawk, Alberta. Aimée is known for starring in this website’s subject, the Albertan home-grown sketch comedy TV series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts (APTN) where she has played over 70 different characters and was a co-writer for 26 episodes. Aimée was nominated for three Canadian Comedy Awards and a Canadian Screen Award for her performance in CAUTION.  Aimée has most recently appeared on television in Hell on Wheels (AMC), Tiny Plastic Men (Superchannel) and Wynonna Earp (Syfy).  Aimée is currently co-writing her third live musical comedy for Jubilations Dinner Theatre called Orange is the New Pink.  When she’s not hanging out with her adorable boyfriend and even more adorable niece, Aimée enjoys doing improv and stand-up comedy around Edmonton. Follow Aimée @justaimeezing!

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“'Nothing to be proud of!' raves Aimée's father.”

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