Howie Miller is one of Canada’s funniest writers and touring comedians.  He is a First Nation descendant of the Cree Nation and he specializes in writing comedic material to raise social awareness.  Howie’s ability to make any situation funny combined with his unique point of view on multi-ethnic stereotypes results in a product that is enjoyed by all audiences, regardless of age, race or sex; and has garnered him numerous opportunities to write for film and television.  It has also placed him in great demand on the stand-up comedy circuit worldwide.

Howie has made numerous appearances on television, including the CBC comedy specials, Winnipeg Comedy Festival: Welcome to Turtle Island 1 & 2, CBC’s Alberta Comedy Spectacular and in his own half-hour comedy special Comedy Now Presents Howie Miller. He can also be heard on CBC’s popular radio show The Debaters.

Howie has been nominated for multiple awards for writing, including a Canadian Comedy Award, a Gemini Award, Alberta Motion Picture Awards and a Canadian Screen Award.  The American Indigenous Gaming Association awarded him the Performer of the Year Award in 2013.

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“If you disagree, he will punch you in the face - with jokes!”

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