While attending the “Motion Picture Arts” program at RDC James got his first onscreen role as “Dave the Elf”, an innocent and quirky Elf in a comic trio in the Christmas specials Santa Baby and Santa Baby 2. It was thrilling and nerve-racking but he would do it again in a heartbeat.  It was on the set of the Santa Baby where he was set down the wonderful path of voice over.  James loves watching anime and cartoons and when he realized there’s someone behind the voice of each those characters he needed to find a way in.  Since he loves watching cartoons so much why not try to be in one! He got a role as “Mercenary Leader Isaac Walker” in a podcast called Silent Universe. With the advice of some fellow voice actors James moved to Vancouver and has been working the past 7 years as a voice actor.  Honored to have the opportunity to voice on shows like and The Deep.  James loves voice acting and is always looking to improve his skills and hone his craft as a professional voice actor.  “The learning never ends and there is always something to improve and so many people to inspire and create with.”

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“James hopes to one day do all the voices for My Little Pony VS Iron Man”

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