Howie at the CCMA’s

I’ve been truly blessed in my life. Meeting my wife Jen in highschool, having 4 awesome sons, doing a job that I love for a career, writing and acting on an awesome show, and getting to do cool things like warming up the crowd for the 2010 Canadian Country Music Awards. I have a great group of friends in the show biz industry and sometimes it pays off. I was asked to be the warm up act at Rexall place for the awards show and I also had to do the commercial break entertainment. Not the easiest of jobs since I have to start out cold every break. Everyone seemed to like what I did and I’ve made alot of you new friends in the music industry. I got a little emotional when I looked up at the seats where I sat as a young boy watching the Oilers kick ass not to mention when Grant Fuhr took the stage to present an award. I was super freaked about doing the show because I’ve done similar events in the past but with not as many people. I didn’t think I would get the audience, ie. win them over but I did. It helped out alot that my crew from Caution May Contain Nuts was there helping out with the event. Rose and Tammy, who do Martas hair were knee deep in Country stars. Jill was making sure everyone looked western. Terry was working on the stage. Randy was in charge of the seat fillers. All the guys from CBC that I’ve done shows for in the past. It was like a reunion of sorts and that made it so much better. It’s so nice to shake hands with people/fans and tell them about Caution Season Two, because I’m super proud of it and I know we’re going to have alot more viewers now.

Yours Wicked Awesomely
Hot Action Hollywood Howie Miller