APTN Renews Caution May Contain Nuts After Five Year Hiatus

Production has just wrapped on a fourth season of the award-winning sketch comedy series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts and the production team couldn’t be more thrilled. While a fourth season of any comedy in Canada is unfortunately something of a rarity, a fourth season, five years after the production of season three, is extraordinary. APTN will be picking the series back up due to popular demand and bringing more of the pop culture spoofs and biting social commentary back to their lineup. When news of the renewal broke, the excitement… Read more »

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts Wins Three Awards at the Rosies

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts Wins Three Awards at the Rosies Mosaic took home Rosie Awards for Best Editor, Best Art Direction and Best Makeup EDMONTON, May 14, 2012— Mosaic Entertainment has returned to Edmonton with three Rosies in hand from the Alberta Film and Television Awards in Calgary this weekend. CAUTION:May Contain Nuts took home awards for three craft categories: Myron Hyrak for Best Production Designer, Prudence Olenik for Best Make-up Artist, and Sarah Taylor for Best Editor. This was the third season of the acclaimed original series CAUTION: May… Read more »

I Finally Made a Poopie

After two years of living in Vancouver, whining and bitching about how hard it is, feeling angry and sad and pathetic and telling everyone that stand-up comedy was what I wanted to do next, I finally did it. I hate being that person that constantly talks about what they want to do and never does it.  In truth I’ve been talking about how I want to do stand-up for about 5 years.  Ever since I was cast on CAUTION: May Contain Nuts and thought, hey, if (my talented co-star) Howie… Read more »

NUTS in your FACE!

Ahhh yes. The first blog of I, Matt Alden. For many a year people have enquired as to why I have never written a blog. To that I  answer….I dunno. I guess I’ll write one. Eventually. And eventually came! Right now in fact. It’s here. In the present. My present to you is eventually. Man. I suck at these. But let me talk ever so quick about our new website! We have material from every season hitting the website every week! I love the Behind the Scenes stuff. When you film for… Read more »

Howie and Family

Well being on tv is not a new thing for me or my family.  If you remember the “Howie and Son’s” sketch we did in season two.  CBC has made a documentary series that featured my whole family and I.  http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/8thfire/ It’s a great series and I’m super proud of it. I’m also working on several things as a writer.  Two movie scripts and one short one to do with zombies.  Fun fun fun. Season 3 is my favorite so far and I hope to show some of the Fantasy… Read more »

Can You Blanche More Than Just Your Asshole?

The first episode of Season Three played while I served Alberta Genuine Draft to unknowing British Columbians at the seedy bar I work at (we call it our “House Lager”).  I use the word seedy because there’s a fight every weekend and the bathrooms have a constant smell of poo as per all the coke people do inside them. (Because when you do drugs you poo a lot.) But I make good money and I only work four nights a week which allows me time to play with my actor… Read more »

Welcome to our brand-new uber cool website

That’s right Nuts! Welcome to our brand-new über cool website. It’s so cool we have to use “über” to describe it. You smell that kids? Nothing like that new website smell. Smells like a mix of baby unicorns and bacon. Breathe it in, that’s the stuff. Ahhhhh…. Let’s get right to news of all things Nuts shall we? Ring in the New Year and give your 2012 meaning by tuning into the CAUTION: May Contain Nuts Season 3 premiere!  Our hilarious new season will premiere across Canada on January 5th… Read more »

Howie at the CCMA’s

I’ve been truly blessed in my life. Meeting my wife Jen in highschool, having 4 awesome sons, doing a job that I love for a career, writing and acting on an awesome show, and getting to do cool things like warming up the crowd for the 2010 Canadian Country Music Awards. I have a great group of friends in the show biz industry and sometimes it pays off. I was asked to be the warm up act at Rexall place for the awards show and I also had to do… Read more »

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