NUTS in your FACE!

Ahhh yes. The first blog of I, Matt Alden.

For many a year people have enquired as to why I have never written a blog. To that I  answer….I dunno. I guess I’ll write one. Eventually.

And eventually came! Right now in fact. It’s here. In the present. My present to you
is eventually.

Man. I suck at these. But let me talk ever so quick about our new website! We have material from every season hitting the website every week! I love the Behind the Scenes stuff. When you film for long hours you end up often with little to do. All of us sitting around as lights are changed or the set is moved. And the worst part is we were sitting around in great costumes next to great looking surroundings just… waiting.  Samurai’s by a river. Cowboys in an old town. Wizards at a fort. Waiting.

So this time we had the idea of a BEHIND THE SCENES CREW! A second film crew stripped down to the bare essentials: one camera man, one sound guy and a director. This group spent the long filming days with us doing extra sketches, intro’s and extro’s, hours of improv on and off the set, and of course sketches we wrote on the spot.

Behind The Scenes became the most important difference to this year’s season and it shows. But the best part is all the material we have for the website. Hours of new stuff will keep hitting our website so keep checking in every week.