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Racism is Over

CMCN NEWS updates the world on the end of Racism

Space Trek – Jedi Witnesses

The crew upon the USB-Flashdrive are visited by some unwanted guests. Do or do not believe, that is the question.

Dungeons and Dragons

In a land far from here, perhaps in another dimension, a group of wayward adventures meet in a desolate tavern to seek their destiny.

Urban Legends

Alfred Hitchcock hosts another episode of Urban Legends


A family is interrupted during their dinner.


Albuquerque Kid and the gang are in a spot of trouble, and they’re about to find help in the most unlikely of places.

A Most Generous Offer

Jim has been given a most generous offer, now he just needs to seal the deal.

Smoke Signal

Howie quit smoking a while back, but he’s having a hard time staying away from it.

The Native Dreamzapper

A little boy has hopes and dreams and his government knows exactly what to do with them.

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