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A cowboy is taken in by a stranger and entertained with the essence of the strangers culture.

Harlem Shake – Delmer and Marta

Delmer & Marta do the Harlem Shake. New Pilot of Delmer and Marta in production. Subscribe now to get the latest news.

Delmer and Marta- Extreme Reservation Renovation

Everyone’s favorite couple, Delmer and Marta are the most recent guests on Extreme Reservation Renovation; the all new reality TV show, which focuses on the home renovation market. Guest Starring: Adam Beach

Delmer and Marta-The Crunch

Delmer is in dire need of some new reading material for ‘Crunch Time’ when a special someone saves the day, just in the nick of time.


The iToy is hitting stores this week and is the latest craze when it comes to keeping fit and having “fun”.

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