We Know Your Future…

That’s right Nuts! Welcome to our brand-new über cool website. It’s so cool we have to use “über” to describe it. You smell that kids? Nothing like that new website smell. Smells like a mix of baby unicorns and bacon. Breathe it in, that’s the stuff. Ahhhhh….

Let’s get right to news of all things Nuts shall we? Ring in the New Year and give your 2012 meaning by tuning into the CAUTION: May Contain Nuts Season 3 premiere!  Our hilarious new season will premiere across Canada on January 5th on APTN, check your local listings .  We recommend you move your New Year’s Eve party to coincide with our premiere.  Sure, it’s five days later….or are you 360 days early for the following year?

While you’re on this internet contraption checking out our shiny new website, be sure to check out our other new site for our insanely popular fan favourites Delmer and Marta. This spiff-tastic new site boasts wall to wall carpeting, central A/C, hardwood floors, and 2.5 baths. No – not really, but it really does have a fortune telling app where your future is predicted by our own Delmer and Marta!